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Emergency Treatment 24 Hours - East Finchley

In an emergency immediately call us on 020 8245 7575 OR 0743 680 9977.

The clinic is ideally located for dental emergency patients in East Finchley N2

We offer a 24 hour dentist service by appointment.

We can help with toothache, wisdom teeth, root canals, dental trauma, dental abscess and lost fillings.

Our clinic provides a safe and ethical environment for your care.

The closest tube station is Bounds Green.

By Bus

Step 1

H3 bus to East Finchley Station

Step 2

Depart East Finchley Station - Boarding at Stop E

102 bus to Woodfield Way

Step 3

Depart Woodfield Way

Walk to 143 Durnsford Road

By Car

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How to get to the emergency dentist by tube and rail

East Finchley Underground station is marked by a well-known statue of an archer by Eric Aumonier in the Art Deco style. The archer is pointing his arrow towards the entrance to the tunnel which starts south of the station and runs for 17.3 miles (27.8 km) to the end of the Northern line at Morden. For many years this was the longest tunnel in the world. There was originally an arrow at Morden Station to match the archer at East Finchley, but this was stolen a few months after the station was opened.
The station is on the High Barnet branch of the Northern line which serves the city (via Bank) and the west end (via Charing Cross) with trains every 2–3 minutes. Buses also serve the high street with the 263 route going from Barnet Hospital to Highbury Barn; the 143 bus linking East Finchley to Archway, London and Brent Cross; the 102 from Edmonton Green, and the 234 serving Barnet, The Spires from Highgate Wood.



143 Durnsford Road, London N11 2EL - Tel: 020 8245 7575 - Emergency: 0743 680 9977


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